Congratulations to this year's tournament champions.

Championship Series
8th: Prospect (45) def. Stevenson (38)
7th: Maine South White (38) def Prospect (36)
6th: Carmel (18) def Libertyville (16)
5th: Libertyville Black (33) def Lake Forest (31)

Friendship Series
8th: Barrinton (23) def Lake Zurich (18)
7th: Rolling Meadows (32) def Libertyville (31)
6th: Prospect (30) def Schaumbury (18)


Updated: 2:30pm 3/15/2013

If you're looking for your team's next game, you can either check the tournament page or your team's regular schedule page.  The 8th grade championship brackets will be updated at approximately 3:15-3:30 and the 7th grade friendship brackets will be updated approximately 4:45.  All the other brackets are updated.

When does my team play next after the pool games are complete?

The bracketed games cannot be determined until all games for a grade (6th, 7th or 8th) and series (Friendship or Championship) is complete.  The following tables shows the approximate time when each bracket can be determined.

Grade  Championsip  Friendship 
 6  Sat 11:00 AM   Sat 11:00 AM 
 7  Sat 4:30 PM  Sat 1:45 PM
 8  Sat 11:00 AM  Sat 3:00 PM


The tournament staff will strive to have the brackets filled out 15-30 minutes following the conclusion of the games listed above.  The games will be listed both at the Libertyville Sports Complex and online (see the tournament page).

Save the date March 11-16, 2014.

All-Star night (practice and pictures): March 12, 2014

More information coming soon.